The history of softcash ag in brief



August 31

Rollout Rel. 4.2

For Rel. 4.2 the main attention was placed on the security. The user management was comprehensively revised and extended. This included, the '4-eyes principle' (2 geographically independent administrators with mutual protection, extension of security policy, etc.). In addition, an interface to trading platform 360 T was also implemented.
May 31

Rollout Rel. 4.0

An important year in developement for magnet: softcash ag provides their customers with the kassa currency rates from over 150 currencies for free. Troughout the day, the customers receive those currency rates trough an automated process with a little delay, the rate is logged for the future. The 'Netting' module got another big update. The liquidity planning also received the possibility of an alternative planning . The Liquidity Forecast tool has also been expanded to include a new dashboard with many new features, including many graphical tools.
September 1

Important Developement

The modules 'liquidity planning' and 'netting' where thoroughly re-developed. Also the loan module was upgraded. We also paid big attention to the "Harmonization in the electronic fund transfer". We activated the payment formats ISO20022 and pain.001 for Switzerland and Gernany on our productive servers.
November 30

Rollout Rel. 3.5

Rollout of Rel. 3.5 with the main emphasis: New module 'Debitoren Match (Creation of a debitors-payment file on the base of a single payment MT940 and the debitors-OP-list for export to the debtor accounting), new 'limits-control' and comprehensive extensions of the loan module.
July 25

New Location

2012 the new location of the Head Quarter was inaugurated, based in the business center 'Sihlpark' at the Chaltenbodenstr. 16 in 8834 Schindellegi SZ.   SONY DSC
June 30

Revolutionary Rel. 3.4

Release 3.4 is again a milestone in the history of magnet. With the integration of the communication tool "FTX NG" (Crealogix) is a communication with nearly every Swiss financial institution on a modern and secure platform possible. Furthermore the user interface was modernised in Rel. 3.4.
January 31

Migration of magnet to .NET-Framework 3.5

With the release of Version 2.5 and 3.0 magnet was amongst other things migrated to .NET-Framework 3.5 and Active Reports 3.0 and fulfill therewith further highest technical standards.
May 31

Launch of magnet

After successfull field tests, magnet was release for sales. The business model of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) on a ASP-base doesn't the traditional software licensing (On-Permise license and Maintenance / Hotline contracts).
July 1

Launch of magnet

In summer 2004, contracts with two designated swiss companies were made for a pilot project of magnet. In autumn magnet was taken in operation at those pilot customers.
July 1

Start of The Developement of magnet

In summer 2003 the developement of the web based treasury-application 'magnet' started.
December 31

10 Year Company Jubilee

The jubilee year was also commercial very successful. The revenue per employee increased to >270'000 CHF. For the first time a dividend has been distributed.
December 31

Reengineering Of euroCASH

Comprehensive reengineering of euroCASH. Sales increase compared to the previous year by over 36%.
December 4

Change Of Name

With the retirement of the founding member J. Walt, the company name was changed into softcash ag and new refocused.
December 5

New Corporate Alignment

The hardware-/network department was given up. Despite difficult economic circumstances, was softcash ag able to gain 17 euroCASH contracts.
October 1

Release of euroCASH

In Spring 1992 the Windows-application euroCASH was release for sales. Until the end of 1992 we were able to gain 10 new customers.
July 1

Pilot Phase Of euroCASH

In the summer 1991 with we were able to settle pilot-contracts with two designated swiss companies.
April 7

Development Beginning of euroCASH

Beginning of the developement of our new Windows application euroCASH.
January 4

Strategic Company-Realignment

Termination of the cooperation with Fides Informatik and decision to develop an own Windows-Treasury-application.
March 2

Company Foundation

Founding of Walt & Partner AG with the following purpose: Consultation in finance and IT, production and commerce with software ... Distribution and consultation of the MS-DOS Treasury application 'Treasurer-PC' from Fides Informatik AG. Sales, installation and maintenance of hardware- and network-installations at 'Blue Chips'.