Our history

July 2020
Crealogix recommendation for OfficeWings customers

At the end of April 2020, Crealogix (CLX) terminated its customers' maintenance contract for the well-known CLX payment software OfficeWings as of the end of 2020. For a recommendation to its customers, CLX evaluated an alternative product for OfficeWings. In this process, the web-based magnet™ convinced with its high technological standard (SQL-DB etc.), modular price concept, scalability and user friendliness. For this reason, CLX recommended softcash ag's magnet™ for the replacement of OfficeWings.

August 2016
Revision of security, interface to 360T

For Release 4.2, the main focus was given to security. Consequently, the user management was comprehensively revised and extended. This included the '4-eyes principle'. In addition, an interface to the 360T trading platform was implemented.

July 2012
New company domicile
Firmengebäude softcash ag im Sihlpark.

In 2012, the company moved into its new  domicile in the Business Center Sihlpark at Chaltbodenstrasse 16, 8834 Schindellegi (SZ), Switzerland.

June 2011
Connection of all CH banks

Release 3.4 was an important milestone in the history of magnet™. With the integration of the communication tool FTX NG (Crealogix), it was possible to ensure communication with practically all Swiss financial institutions on a modern and secure platform.

May 2006
Market launch of magnet™

After the successful field tests, the web-based magnet™ was released for sale. As one of the first companies in their sector, softcash ag offered a new business model. The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) was based on an ASP (Application Service Provider) solution rather than the traditional software licensing model (one-time licence fees and maintenance/hotline contracts). At that time, and for many years afterwards, that business model was revolutionary.

July 2003
Beginning of the development of magnet™

softcash ag demonstrated their pioneering role already in 1991 with the development of a Windows software. An equally significant milestone was the start of programming of the web-based treasury application magnet™ in summer 2003.

March 1998
10-year company anniversary

The anniversary year was also a commercial success. The revenue per head increased by > 270,000 CHF. A dividend was distributed for the first time in the company's history.

December 1997
Reengineering of euroCASH

euroCASH was subjected to a major reengineering. Turnover increased by over 36 % compared to the previous year.

December 1994
Change of name

With the leaving of the founding member J. Walt, the company was renamed softcash ag and new strategic direction was taken.

December 1993
New corporate direction

The hardware/network area was closed down in order to focus on the Windows treasury software euroCASH.

October 1992
Release of euroCASH

In spring 1992, euroCASH was released for the sale. The market launch of this Windows application was sensational because there were practically no Windows programs at the time. By the end of 1992, 10 new customers had been acquired.

April 1991
Start of development of euroCASH

Start programming the new Windows application euroCASH.

January 1990
Strategic corporate realignment

Termination of the cooperation with Fides Informatik and decision to develop an own Windows treasury application. At that time, there were actually no Windows applications.

March 1988
Company foundation

Foundation of Walt & Partner AG with the purpose: consulting in the financial and EDP sector, production, representation and trade in software distribution and consulting of the MS-DOS treasury application Treasurer-PC from Fides Informatik AG. Sale, installation and maintenance of hardware and network installations for 'blue chips'.

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