Implementation & Support

System implementation

General approach

Due to the long experience from more than 300 implementations, we focus on a practice-oriented introduction. We make sure that the project planning is adapted to the complexity and the customer requirements. In other words: ‘as comprehensive as necessary, but not oversized’.

For more demanding requirements we recommend an ‘individual introduction’. In this case, the needs of the customer are specifically addressed during the development of an application concept and a customer-oriented solution is worked out together. The implementation can take place at the customer’s site. However, if the customer wishes, we can also carry out the implementation on our premises (thus eliminating travel time and expenses).

For simpler and therefore more cost-effective solutions, modular customer training courses (group courses at the same time as other customers) are available.

In addition, there is also the possibility of webinars. This allows for example to realize projects abroad at low cost.

The only difference between the introduction of an in-house solution and a SaaS solution is that a software installation on the customer’s own servers is necessary.


The system introduction of magnet® pursues two basic goals, ensuring

  • a cost-effective and smooth implementation
  • an optimal and functionally correct operation

Operational concept

As part of the development of the product-related application concept, the first phase is a situation analysis.

In a second step, the structure is developed on the basis of the status analysis. This includes aspects such as the analysis of the uniqueness of reconciliation criteria for importing bank account statements and the definition of selection criteria for the financial accounting interface.

And finally, the organisational measures to be taken, such as the technical prerequisites or the preparation of bank communication, are also set up.

Implementation and training

The implementation support includes

  • Installation of the software (only for in-house systems)
  • Parameterization/Customizing
  • Set up the communication (bank contracts etc.)
  • System setup (Core data)
  • Employee training
  • Structuring of a daily routine

In rare cases, software modifications or extensions are necessary. This could be, for example, a customer-specific report or the adaptation of the financial accounting standard file to a system that is not yet connected.


Application support

In order to ensure the best possible use of magnet in the future, great importance is attached to consulting and training for new program versions.

Changes or extensions may also become necessary in the course of time as a result of changing requirements and/or general conditions at the customer.

In all these cases we are available to our customers as part of our application support.

Technical support

In case of system technical problems during the operation, softcash takes over the appropriate support. Thus a smooth operation and a very high availability of magnet is ensured.

Maintenance services

Software maintenance is included in the subscription fees and covers the following services:

  • Analysis and correction of software bugs
  • New software versions of the licensed modules and functions, with
    • Correction of reported bugs and general technical improvements of magnet
    • Additions and improvements to the existing software functions


Information and support via (or the telephone number defined in the contract)

Basic contract
Between 08:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 17:00

Service-level agreement
24h duty