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... in software development, the following positions are vacant at Schindellegi SZ


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Important NOTE:

We only accept direct applications.

Placement agents, who send us unsolicited dossiers, have no claims to mediation fees!

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We are pleased about your interest in a job in our company. The application form is intended to provide guidance on professional careers and personal circumstances. It allows us to find the best possible effect for you in mutual interest.

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More than just a job ...

We make high demands - To our employees, but also to us, as an employer.

In return for our high demands on our employees, we are also willing to make an above-average employer.

So that employment with softcash ag is more than just a job.






This includes an excellent infrastructure ...


... with attractive workplaces ...


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... the possibility to eat in the same house ...


... and that softcash ag pays every employee the fitness subscription (including brine bath) in the in-house wellness center.




Join us together to step into an exciting and promising future!

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