Liquidity management / AutoDisposition


This course covers the functions and scope of services of liquidity management and AutoDisposition.

Participants will receive the detailed course programme together with the course confirmation before the start of the course.

Overview of the agenda:

  • Limit management
    Limit entry (Global and Counterparty limits)
    Limit checking
  • Reporting in liquidity management
    Liquidity status
    Available liquidity
  • Forecast tool
    Setup/Configuration of the tool
    Software functions
  • Intercompany accounting
    Core data / setup
  • AutoDisposition
    Definition of terms / methodology
    Setup/Configuration (e.g. prevention of negative interest)
    Performing the AutoDisposition

Target audience

The course is primarily intended for employees who are responsible for the following activities:

  • Superuser
  • Employees in the liquidity management and controlling


Securing liquidity is the most important goal for the financial management of a company. In practice, however, there are some stumbling blocks. Participants will be shown the different techniques of liquidity concentration and management by magnet™.

In addition, a current topic will be covered: How can an easy-to-use, cross-bank management to prevent negative interest rates be established with magnet™?

Tips & tricks for a more efficient use of the software top off the course.

Duration and costs

The training course lasts from 09:00 – 12:00.

The course fees are CHF 595 (excl. VAT.)