Basic Module

The basic module enables the administration of all master data such as accounts, counterparties, users and many other functions. It therefore builds the basis for all other magnet™ modules, enables their data exchange with each other and allows the configuration of the security-relevant settings. These will be explained in more detail in the next section.

Security and Compliance

Compliance is essentially about separation of functions and process monitoring. There are legal requirements for due diligence. Among other things, a company must know its financial and asset situation at all times. Separation of functions means that whoever trades is not allowed to process, book and value these transactions. And of course the other way round.

The security-critical processes in magnet™ meet the highest standards and are divided into three areas:

User management:
This includes, for example, role-based authorisations per company as well as a signature regulation with amount limits.

4-eyes principle:
All changes in the system administration and user administration of magnet™ are subject to the “4-eyes principle”.

System administration:
This is where the security-critical processes are defined, e.g.:

  • Policies for payment transactions
  • Security Policy and everything regarding passwords (e.g. how structures, length, validity, etc.).
  • Two-factor authentication with codes for login procedures, signatures and payees
  • IP restrictions

Anmeldung Präsentation

Presentation registration