System structure, Core data, Safety relevant aspects


The areas covered in this course are the general system structure and the general master data.

The course also includes security-relevant master and system data, e.g. guidelines, user administration, etc., which are secured using the ‘dual control principle’.

Participants will receive the detailed course programme together with the course confirmation before the start of the course.

Overview of the agenda:

  • System structure / Core data
    Mandate definition
    Disposition types
    Disposition rules
  • Market Information
    Exchange rates
    Automativ Update of the FX-rates (FX Service)
    Rate-Import using Excel
    Account interest rates
  • System administration
  • User administration
    User management
  • Dual control principle
    Concept and realization

Target audience

The course is primarily intended for employees who are responsible for the following activities:

  • Set up system- and core-data (new customers)
  • Maintaining the core data (existing customers)
  • Setup and monitoring of Policies and security
    (new and existing customers)


Course section: “System structure / Core data

  • At the end of the course participants will understand the magnet™ system structure and will be able to enter the necessary core data on their own.

Course section: “Safety relevant aspects”

  • The scope of services provided by magnet™ also includes payment transactions. For this reason, the second part of this course is also dedicated to the important topics of security and compliance.
  • At the end of the training course, participants will be familiar with the security-relevant areas of magnet™. They will be able to use it to implement the guidelines set by the company and the defined security policy in magnet™.

Duration and costs

The training course lasts from 09:00 – 16:00, interrupted by a lunch break.

The course fees are CHF 995 (excl. VAT.)