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Modern applications are based on a “Service Oriented Architecture” (SOA). SOA is neither a product nor a technology standard, but a technology-independent concept for the architecture of software systems. magnet™ is based on SOA. But what is the benefit of SOA? The functions of a software should be available as independent building blocks with clearly defined functional tasks, web services, and only loosely coupled with each other. This makes it possible to change individual services or the relationships between services without having to rework the whole system. It’s also one of the requirements for cloud operation. And this is also one of the reasons why softcash ag can offer both cloud and on-premise solutions.

magnet™ is a classic client/server application. The client is a Windows Forms application that is distributed via the ClickOnce deployment model of the .Net framework. Therefore, no installation is necessary on the Windows client machine. The application is downloaded via the web and executed in the .Net Framework sandbox. The communication between client & server is based on WCF (Windows Communication Framework) via the default https port 443. The browser must support ClickOnce Prefix. This is the case by default for all versions of Windows Internet Explorer and Windows Edge. Add-ons are available for Firefox and Google Chrome.

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