Treasury module

The treasury module offers various possibilities in the area of treasury and consists of the following sub-modules.

Currency module

In the currency module, among other things, forward transactions can be evaluated and the success displayed differentiated by exchange rate and interest rate. Corresponding spot rates and surcharges/discounts are available in magnet™.


With the 360T interface, FX and money market deals can be imported from the 360T platform into magnet™.

Money market module

With the money market module, money market transactions (overnight and time deposits, active and passive) can be managed. Of course, interest accruals and much more are possible.

Credits/Loans module

The Loans/Loans module (loans with banks and third parties, IC loans, guarantees, deposits, etc.) can be used to manage asset/liability transactions.

Derivative instruments

This makes it possible, for example, to map interest rate swaps in magnet.

Video content:

  • Currency Management
  • Money Market
  • Loans / Loan Management
  • Derivatives