Netting module

The multilateral netting module can be used as an integrated solution within magnet® or as stand-alone software. As a reporting procedure ,Payable or Receivable Driven Multilateral Netting’ are possible. It can be run as a service or profit centerDifferent types of spread are defined (standard, high and participant spread, if necessary with thresholds).

Payables or Receivables driven multilateral netting is possible as a reporting method. It can be managed as a service or profit centre. Different types of spreads are defined as profit centre version (standard, high and participant spread, if necessary with threshold amounts).

The detection of messages can be done manually or via an import function (with ERP mapping) by the participating companies. It can simultaneously detected for the current as well as for any future period defined messages, respectively, are read. Participants messages pass through a matching process through the counterparty before the netting run. The controlling party is optimally supported by a reconciliation function of magnet®. Any grounds for refusal are apparent to the opposing party.

The participant and currency settlements can be processed as electronic payment orders and / or intercompany transactions directly in cash management.

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