System Implementation


The system introduction of magnet® is based on two fundamental objectives: namely, ensuring

  • A cost - effective and smooth implementation and
  • An optimal and functionally correct operation


General approach

Due to the many years of experience of more than 300 implementations, we focus on a practice-oriented introduction. In doing so, we ensure that the project planning is adapted to the complexity and the customer requirements. Or in other words: 'As comprehensive as necessary, but not over-dimensioned'.

Implementation can take place at the customer's premises. On request, we carry out the introduction but also in our house (This eliminates travel times and expenses).

Webinars are another option. Thus, e.g. Can also realize projects abroad cost-effectively because an on-site software installation with a SaaS solution is no longer required.

The introduction of an in-house solution differs from a SaaS solution only in that a software installation on client servers is necessary.

Use concept

Within the framework of the development of the product-related application concept, an inventory is made in a first phase.

In a second step the structure will be developed on the basis of the inventory. Here, partial aspects, such as the analysis of the uniqueness of the reconciliation criteria for importing the bank account statements, are taken into account as well as the definition of the selection criteria for the finac interface.

Last but not least, the organizational measures to be taken, such as the technical prerequisites or the preparation of banking communication, are also created.

Introduction and training

The introductory support includes

  • Installation of programs (only for in-house systems)
  • Parameterization / Customizing
  • Setting up communication (bank contracts, etc.)
  • System configuration (master data)
  • User training
  • Structuring of a daily routine

In rare cases, software adjustments or extensions are necessary. These may be e.g. a customer-specific report, or the adaptation of the finac standard file to a system that has not yet been connected.

Customer support

Maintenance services

The software maintenance is included in the operating fees and covers the following services:

  • Analysis and correction of program errors
  • New program versions of the licensed modules and functions, with
    a) Correction of reported errors and general technical improvements of magnet®
    b) Supplements and improvements to the existing application functions of magnet®



Telephone information and support (call center / hotline via the contract telephone number or

Standard contract

Between 08.00 - 12.00 and 13.00 - 17.00 hours

Service level agreement

24 hour standby

Application support

In order to ensure optimum use of magnet® in the future, the advice and training of new program versions is of great importance.

Likewise, changes or expansions may become necessary in the course of time due to changed requirements and / or general conditions at the customer's site.

In all these cases, we are available to assist our customers within the scope of the application support.

Technical support

softcash ag assumes appropriate support in the event of systemic problems during operation. This ensures trouble-free operation and a very high availability of magnet®.