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At softcash ag, we understand the diverse requirements of today’s businesses for their financial systems. Therefore, we offer two products in the field of financial software: “magnet” and “softcash“. Each of these systems has been developed with specific financial management tasks in mind and offers unique benefits for your company. Discover below which product best suits your needs.

Regardless of whether you choose magnet or softcash, our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to optimize your financial processes and strengthen your company’s financial health. Feel free to contact us for a personal consultation to find the ideal product for your requirements. Feel free contact us for a personal consultation to find the ideal product for your requirements. 


magnet, our established and proven solution in the field of Treasury and Cash Management, stands out for its comprehensive features designed specifically to optimize and make the most of your financial resources. With ma, you not only get a tool for efficient and secure payment management but also precise support for liquidity planning and a robust system for minimizing financial risks.

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softcash is our latest innovation in financial management, combining advanced technology and extraordinary user-friendliness in a seamless experience. As a web-based application, softcash offers flexible access options and an intuitive user interface, allowing users to manage their finances efficiently and effectively. It is the perfect solution for companies that value mobility, adaptability, and the use of modern technology.

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