softcash ag

Expert in treasury and cash management since 1988

softcash ag offers solutions in the following areas:

  • Cash management
  • Payment transactions
  • AutoDisposition
  • Liquidity management
  • Treasury (FX, MM, Loans, Derivatives)
  • Liquidity planning
  • Finac interface
  • Accounts receivable matching
  • Netting



12 March 2021:
Treasurer / Financial expert (m/f)

Due to strong growth, we are looking for a Treasurer / Finance Specialist (m/f) to expand our team. Go to job postings.


1 March 2021:
RPA: Available robot jobs

The following Robot Process Automation / RPA jobs are available in Rel.
PAYMENT - AutoUpload of mass payment files from ERP
DEBTOR - AutoUpload of OP lists from receivable accounting (DebiMatch)
FX-RATE - AutoUpload of FX rates (e.g. forward rates)
LIQPLAN- AutoUpload of Excel sheets into liquidity planning
ESR_CAMT054 - AutoDownload V11/camt.054 to the internal file server
EDOCUMENTS - AutoDownload of e-documents to the internal file server

More RPA jobs are in the pipeline!


19 December 2020:
Happy holidays

2020 has challenged us professionally and personally. softcash ag has mastered this difficult year. We owe this to you, our customers. We would like to thank you for the great trust you have placed in us.
We wish you a wonderful festive season.


1 September 2020:
Team expansion

We are pleased to welcome Ms Bea Schönbächler to our sales and support team. In future, she will look after our French-speaking customers.
We wish Bea much fulfilment and joy in her new job.


8 August 2020:
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in magnet™ / ServiceAgent

For some time now, magnet™ has already included RPA for various areas. For example with AutoDownload for downloading bank files (account statements, e-documents etc.) and for payment processes. With the new ServiceAgent, the RPA has now been further expanded. Mass payment files, open item lists, etc. are uploaded to magnet™ within fractions of a second after being saved in the ERP. This means that hackers or possible internal fraudsters have no time to manipulate the files. This RPA is not only intended to free employees from manual work. Rather, there are also security aspects behind it.


2 July 2020:
CLX recommendation for OfficeWings customers

- At the end of April, Crealogix announced that it would discontinue maintenance of its well-known and popular payment software OfficeWings at the end of 2020.
- In the meantime, CLX evaluated an alternative product for OfficeWings at both domestic and international level.
-In this process, the web-based magnet™ convinced the experts with its modular pricing concept, scalability and user-friendliness, among other things.
- Today, CLX has informed its customers about this and recommended magnet™ for the OfficeWings replacement.


24 April 2020:
QR invoice / magnet™ is ready!

- From 30 June 2020, payment transactions with QR invoices will be available. Explanatory film on paymentstandards.ch
- Payments of QR invoices can be made with magnet™ from Rel. 20.4 (individual and bulk payments)
- The corresponding validation tests on paymentstandards.ch have been successfully completed.
- The rollout of Rel. 20.4 will take place by the end of April 2020.

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What our customers say


"With magnet™, we found an easy-to-use, secure and functional software that covers all our needs and much more. The replacement of Office-Wings-Web went smoothly and quickly. The assistance and support are exemplary and of high quality."

Peter Lüthi
Financial control clerk
City of Solothurn


"The new module "DebitorsMatch" is worth its weight in gold for us, since we have been able to record a significant increase in efficiency in our daily work since it went into operation. The risk of errors has also been minimised thanks to this electronic interface. We are very satisfied with it and can also highly recommend it to other clients. The project to introduce this module together with softcash ag ran extremely professionally and smoothly."

Monica Rava
Head of Financial Accounting
Cantonal Hospital Baselland


"We have been working with softcash ag since 1996. The switch from the Windows software euroCASH® to the online treasury application magnet® was as efficient, financially attractive and partnership-oriented as ever. magnet® is easy to use and has almost unlimited software functionality.
We can recommend magnet® at any time."

Alois Bearth
CFO and Deputy CEO / Member of the Executive Board
Somedia AG, Chur


"The introduction of magnet© was uncomplicated and quick. The requirements originally set for the new software were exceeded and made it possible to achieve the objectives without any problems. magnet© makes our daily work much easier, and the software also offers a wide range of possibilities. We would not want to miss magnet© any more.
I can recommend softcash ag and magnet© at any time for successful liquidity management."

Tamara Künzler
Head of Finance / HR
NEP Switzerland


"The cooperation with softcash ag fully met our requirements. The budget for this demanding IT project was matched to the size of the project. The new Treasury magnet© software proves to be comfortable and easy to use.
I can recommend softcash ag with its magnet© at any time for a successful treasury".

Andreas Kriz
Head of Treasury Department
MIAG AG (Metro International)


"The introduction of magnet© took place in close collaboration with softcash ag. This resulted in various new aspects and requirements, which were successfully implemented together. magnet© is now the indispensable control unit for liquidity management and planning. And we don't want to have to do without it in the future either."

Peter Roth
Head of Treasury/Controlling
AZ Management Services AG


"The introduction of magnet© was uncomplicated and fast. The originally defined criteria for the new software were exceeded and the goals were achieved without any problems. magnet© makes our daily work much easier and the software also offers many possibilities. I can recommend softcash ag and magnet© at any time for efficient cash management. And what I particularly appreciate is the location-independent access and the straightforwardness of magnet©."

Erwin Steinmann
Chief Financial Officer

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Your benefits: services and solutions – more than tags!

Modular pricing model

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – You only license and pay what you really need

Think big – start small

Thanks to modular design of the software needs of your base business can grow without restrictions (scalable, SaaS)

No investment-budget

No recurring licences, but monthly usage fees (SaaS)

Data security

Customer data are not held by softcash ag. The data of Swiss customers are managed by a certified Swiss hoster.

No own IT-resources needed

As part of SaaS, user fees include, e.g. all costs for server rent and administration

Easy to use

Our customers appreciate the ‘easy to use’, the role-based user concept and process-oriented approach

The label ‘swiss made software’ stands for Swiss values Quality, reliability and precision in the software development.

With ‘hosted in switzerland’ we guarantee that our services are hosted by a certified Swiss provider.