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Look forward to softcash, our new software currently in development. It represents the next innovation in treasury management, building upon the solid foundation of our proven software, magnet, and transforming it into a web-based format. Softcash will be accessible via any standard web browser, enabling location and platform-independent use. This universal accessibility makes softcash the ideal solution for your financial management needs.

Softcash will distinguish itself from magnet through a more intuitive user interface and improved usability. Our aim is to provide you with software that is not only easy and clear to use but also boasts a modern and appealing design. Innovation is at the core of our development efforts, aimed at enhancing process efficiency.

Technical Information


Architecture of a web application

softcash is a fully browser-based web application that allows users to access the system regardless of the device or operating system used. This flexibility ensures that you can access softcash from anywhere and at any time, whether it be via PC, tablet, or smartphone. The browser-based nature of softcash eliminates the need for specific desktop software or apps, making it a solution that is independent of the platform and operating system.


The data transfer to and from softcash is encrypted using SSL/TLS. This ensures that all your financial information is protected during transmission. The data is stored in a secure environment, with access credentials further protected by hashing.

Data backup and data recovery

In today’s data-driven world, softcash ensures the protection of your financial data with robust backup and recovery capabilities. Automated routines regularly secure all financial information to maintain its currency and security. In the event of a system failure, recovery features enable rapid data reconstruction, minimize downtime, and secure the continuity of your business processes.


The softcash REST API offers flexible and efficient integration with external systems. It facilitates secure and seamless data exchange, utilizes standardized web technologies, and thus simplifies the integration process. The API supports a wide range of operations, making it ideal for businesses looking to further automate and integrate their financial processes. With this API, your systems remain synchronized and efficient, enhancing process efficiency and minimizing sources of error.

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